Baraghan Village, Karaj, Iran


Baraghan Village, Karaj, Iran

Baraghan village is located 13 km north-west of Karaj in Alborz province.

This village is 1650 meters above sea level and its weather in all seasons is cold.

This village has trees with over 1000 years old. About 600 people live in Baraghan. Their jobs are consisted of agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry. Agriculture products include grains, vegetables. Horticultural products such as nuts, berries, cherries, and tomatoes.

Rural houses in natural condition, type of activity and the livelihoods of rural affected and shaped. The main materials used in the construction of houses include stones, wood, clay and slit. Every year,Baraghan attracts many tourists because of nature showing off in all seasons and visitable parts.

There is a valuable monument dating back to more than 500 years ago. Husseiniehs around porch on two floors as well as walls inlaid woods joists are separated from each other.

The Grand Mosque dates back to more than 1000 years ago. Every year people mourn for Imam Hussein in this place in the day of Ashura. They also have another traditions such as Chaharshanbeh Suri, Nowruz and Yalda, etc.

They believed when Mokhtar-Saghafi killed Imam Hussein`s enemies, He fired up on the roof for happiness. Every year, in the latest Wednesdays, They Fire up and celebrate because of Imam Hussein enemies Perished.

There is a bridge in front of the entrance arch of the river. The bridge struction period was during Zand, Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties.

On the slopes of the hills, many pieces of pottery from the Islamic period are found.

There are pieces of pottery and ancient trees and the old testament of the hills.

Indigenous games like Gilli-Danda, Drbrk hat, hill work and three furnaces are common among villagers.

Popular foods include Daisy of Baraghan, berries, nuts, honey, yogurt, and prune. If you want to travel to this village, you can tent in nature or rent suites and enjoy.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Baraghan is from Karaj. From Baghestan district hitch hike or take a taxi . Enjoy the mountainous road and landscapes.

Other routes are from Kordan and Chalus road. Although theses routes are more beautiful but more difficult to get to.

Address: Iran, Karaj (capital city of Alborz Province), Baraghan Village

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