َََArak Market, Markazi Province, Iran


َََArak Market, Markazi Province, Iran

Some market places in addition to buying things were the places for trading and places for manufactories. Arak market is one of places that is located in the central part of the city with 1 kilometer length and walls with 7 meters height.

This Market is one of the historical places in this city, consisting of mosques, chambers, schools, bathhouses, stores,  and stockpiles.

In the center of this market, there are four ways connecting to the main gates and the most strategic part of the city.

History of construction

Construction of this building lasted for 20 years. First parts of this market built by Sepahdar Azam in 13th century but Yousef Gorgy in 1807 in Qajar era expanded the constructions.

One of the reasons for construction was a great industry and economy in the city.

Structure of the market

In contrast with another markets, Arak`s have geometric and symmetric arcs. This market has two vertical ways (one of them from east to west with 200 meters and 8 entrance and another one from north to south with 720 meters).

Because of fabulous structure of the market, inner weather is cold in summer and in winter is warm.

Materials used in the structure of this market are consisted of bricks, mortars, clays and limes. Roof of the market is like a dome with a hole.

Different parts of market

Market of Arak consists of 4 bathhouses (Cheharsovgh, new bathhouse, sheikholislam, and Firozeh) And schools like Ziaodin. There is also libraries and stores built with distant of 50 meters. Some stores have two floors. Second floor is for passengers that want to stay for a day or weeks.

How to Get There?

Traveling to Arak (A city in Markazi Province,Iran) you can take a taxi or bus to Imam khomeini street. Across from Shohada Square you will find the market.

Address: Iran, Arak (Capital city of Marakazi Province), Imam Khomeini Square, Arak Market.


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