Where are the best villa towns around Tehran for a short weekend trip?


With the arrival of Thursday and Friday, it is time to plan for the weekend and spend a few hours away from the stress of work and busy life with our family members and friends.

We are not wrong if we say that partying has always been a part of our Iranian culture. With a simple look at important customs such as the Nowruz Eid visit, Yalda Night Durham and our family parties, we realize that we always enjoyed Durham. For this reason, this time we decided to have a more attractive offer for the weekend instead of offering a nature tour, hiking, cinema, amusement park or even a horror room.

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Our suggestion is a trip to the villas around Tehran and renting a villa in the villa towns for one to two nights to gather with friends and family in a different atmosphere and to experience a short day trip. So, when you arrive on Tuesday, you should plan the trip and the number of people and book the villa, and hit the road on Wednesday evening. In this way, we have prepared a complete guide for you. To rent a villa around Tehran at a reasonable price, refer to this link.

Kordan Karaj, paradise of luxurious villas

First of all, let’s go to K urdan Karaj, which is a short distance from the city and which always gets the most votes in the shortlist for one-day trips around Tehran. From Azadi Square to Kordan, it is a two-hour drive, and as you know, if there is traffic, this time will be longer.

Kordan Karaj has grown tremendously in recent years, and although it has always hosted travelers as one of the summer resorts of Karaj, its mood has changed a little these days. The construction of luxurious villas with swimming pools, saunas, and jacuzzis has made it possible for travelers who don’t feel like driving all the way to the north, but want to go on a short trip, spend a few hours with their family, or celebrate a different birthday for a family member, renting a villa in Choose Kordan Karaj.

The close distance to Tehran, access to all kinds of luxury to affordable villas, the relatively clean mountain weather are all the most important reasons for weekend trips in Kurdan Karaj villas.

Lavasan, luxury villas and luxury resorts

Now we want to make a complete turn from Karaj and go to the east of the capital. From one of the easternmost highways of Tehran, Shahid Babaei highway, you only need to drive two hours to Lavasan. On this beautiful road, you have a beautiful view of Damavand peak (at some points) and you will reach one of the best villa settlements around Tehran.

Lavasanat area was one of the aristocratic suburbs in the northeast of Tehran and it was different from the surrounding areas. These days, when the market for villas is very hot, Lavsan has managed to be one of the best villa towns for vacations and family birthday parties, just like Kurdan.

Stay in a villa with a mountain view

After Lavasan, it is the turn of Fashm, Migun and Shamshak. We brought these three together because they are located at a short distance from each other and you can choose any of them to rent a villa.

Most of the villas in Fashm, Migun, and Shamshak are located in the heights and have an incredibly beautiful view of the surrounding nature, so they are the best choices for enjoying silence, peace, and clean weather. Of course, if you want to go in the winter, I suggest you to rent a villa in Shamshak so that you have a chance to ski on the Dezin ski slope and enjoy the beautiful and uniform white nature of the area. For summer, you can choose Migun, Feshm and Rudbar Qasran villas and enjoy the view of the mountains and relatively cool weather.

Villa reservation guide in the best villa towns around Tehran

If you want to buy a villa in the best villa towns around Tehran, many real estate consultants in the area will guide you, but our suggestion for renting a villa in these towns from one day to one week or more is to use online villa reservation platforms so that you can get the best price for the villa you want. rent the

Sites such as Jajiga, Homsa, Shab and Jabama are among the best online platforms for renting villas in the towns around Tehran, which offer you from an ordinary villa with a reasonable price to a luxurious and luxurious villa with a pool, sauna and jacuzzi for rent.

Of course, our second suggestion is to go for luxury villa rentals because when you travel with your family for birthdays and anniversaries, the cost is divided between the members and becomes more affordable.

In these platforms, you can enter the name of the town or villa you want along with the date of arrival and departure and the number of people and then see a list of types of villas.

Our third suggestion is that you must compare the price, facilities of each villa, location and accessibility and then book and rent the villa.

The price per night is shown to you and the facilities of the villa are also brought along with the name of the owner. Facilities such as the number of rooms or beds, kitchen appliances, the type of air conditioning system for cooling and heating, toilets or Iranians, etc., are all listed in this section, and about the state of cleanliness, etc., you can read the experience of previous guests to Make sure your decision to choose a villa.

Finally, the last step is to pay so that the tracking code and exact address will be sent to you. With the arrival of the weekend, we hope you have a good time with your family in the villa you rented, enjoy this party and experience unforgettable memories.

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