Peyman Bahrani Iranian Singer


peyman bahrani
28 years old
Born in the city of Shiraz
Songwriter and composer
Pop musician and singer

With an experience of eleven years in music and playing instruments such as: classical guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, kakhan, def, piano, violin, drums
he have a degree in music theory from Chavash School with a score of 100 out of 100 at the age

of 19
He did not have a music teacher in any of the mentioned instruments and he learned them all by himself
He released his first song called Nemikhamat about a year ago.
He has an unprecedented talent in the pop style and is extremely passionate about music, he knows the entire history of world music and his songs have surprised everyone .peyman bahrani he’s
a rare artist in the history of pop music who has recently attracted the attention of many newspapers, websites and people.But too much is interested in music and follows this path more seriously than ever.
His collaboration with Sina Parsian is the first collaboration in the field of music, he hardly and rarely accepts the music style of other singers and has his own style.
The interview with tvplus internet television was his first video interview, but he still received many requests for interviews, which he did not accept.



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