Ahowan Stony Caravanserai; Place of Relief

Ahowan Stony Caravanserai; Place of Relief


Ahowan Stony Caravanserai; Place of Relief

Semnan province is located on the way of Tehran city and it is so important for businessmen who used to commute from different parts of Iran to the capital city of Tehran. Therefore, it is necessary to have some places to take a break and continue the trip.

Ahowan Stony Caravanserai is one of the places which provided passengers with opportunity of resting in the middle of the way.

About Ahowan Stony Caravanserai

In 42 kilometers of eastern part of Semnan (capital city of Semnan province), Ahowan Stony Caravanserai is located.

Historical Information of Ahowan Stony Caravanserai

This caravanserai was built in 5th century and close to which another caravanserai is located named as Shah Abbasid caravanserai.

Architectural Aspect of Ahowan Stony Caravanserai

The walls of this place are made of stone, as the name suggests, and cement. This place was considered as an important resting zone due to the structure of it.

Ahowan Stony Caravanserai in Nowadays

Unfortunately, only the frontal entrance and surrounding walls of caravanserai are survived through the time.

How to Get There?

After reaching Semnan city (capital city of Semnan Province), by train or bus, you can use a car or taxi to get to Ahowan Stony Caravanserai.

Address: Iran, Semnan province, Semnan city, 42 kilometers in eastern part of Semnan, Ahowan Stony Caravanserai

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