Shadyakh; Historical City of Nishapur

Shadyakh; Historical City of Nishapur


Shadyakh; Historical City of Nishapur

Nishapur is the biggest city in Razavi Khorasan province after Mashhad and is also known as a symbol of history, civilization and culture of Iran. Now we want to introduce one of the oldest part of the city that is known as Shadyakh.

History of Shadyakh

This city is also named as Shadykakh (palace of enjoyment) in the past that was built in 9th century and it leveled to the ground because of a powerful earthquake, 7.6 Richter scale. Before this place being destroyed, it had a special importance between Nishapury people and was one of the best parts of the city. This palace was the place of living nobles, scientists, writers and artists, but having this place destroyed was simultaneous with Mongols` invasion decade and it was also leveled to the ground by a strong earthquake.

Why Here Is Named as Shadyakh?

Name of this place has two parts.

Shady: means happiness in Persian

Akh: means cause in Persian

Shadyakh: cause of happiness

This place is also known as Shad Jahan, Shadmehr and Shad Kakh. There have been lots of ups and downs during the history for example; when Ya’qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar entered Nishapur, he ordered to plant trees around Shadyakh, but during years trees were cut and replaced by houses. During Qaznavi and Samanid empire, this place was used for handling country affairs. By endeavor of Archaeologists, some parts of the palace like glass and pottery workshops, some vases, dungeons and some skeletons are discovered. Shapes of skeletons shows that this place was destroyed by earthquake, a little before Mongols` invasion.

Shadyakh was also the place of living Khayyam and Fariduddin Attar, the poets.

How to Get There?

Since Shadyakh is in Nishapur city, you should be aware that it is near Attar and Kamal-ol-Molk monument with distance of 200 meters on eastern part of them. You can reach this place by any vehicles.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, Nishapur City, Near Attar monument, Shadyakh historical site

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