Masuleh; Small Heaven of Gilan

Masuleh ; Small Heaven of Gilan


Masuleh; Small Heaven of Gilan

Masuleh is a historical village located in Gilan province. You can define Masuleh as this sentence: A heaven beside history and culture. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Masuleh.


A village with vastness of 100 thousand hectares located 60 kilometers far from central part of Gilan province near Rasht city.

Antiquity of Masuleh dates back to 800 or 1000 years ago. You can see different aspects of culture, history and nature. Most often, Masuleh is covered by fog.

You can see spectacular valleys around the village. The height of village is 1050 meters upper than the surface of the sea. Houses have been built here like stairs.


Before forming Masuleh, people were living 6 kilometers northwest of the village where is known as the old Masuleh today. They immigrated to the new region and stayed here. Some potteries were found in region of old Masuleh that date back to Seljuk era and show the art of people of there. There are different possibilities about why people of old Masuleh immigrated.

  1. One of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem came here and people of old Masuleh intended to bury his corpse and after that the village was expanded.
  2. A terrible earthquake
  3. Because of plague


Architecture of the village is like architecture of buildings during Zandieh era. The houses are stair-shaped. There are different ways among houses for walkers. You can see the flower-pots on the balconies of the houses.


  1. Stair-shaped houses

As we said, houses are placed like stairs. You can see that the roof of a house is yard of the other.

  1. Masuleh Bazaar

This bazaar has 4 floors and each floor of it has its special features. Different parts of the bazaar are bakery, butcher shop, supermarket, handicrafts shop, sweat shops, cafe and etc.

  1. Imamzadeh in Village

There are 5 Imamzadehs in Masuleh. These parts are sacred for Muslims.

  1. Museums of Masuleh

There was an anthropology museum in Masuleh before, but now, it is closed and other museums are established. You can see different works of Pahlavi, Safavid, Qajar and Timuriden era in the museums. There is also wild life museum and you can see different animals there.

  1. Forest Park

There is a forest park near here with area of 2400 hectares. Different plants and trees can be found in this park. There are medical plants useful for some diseases.

  1. Masuleh Waterfalls

One of the attractions of Masuleh is its waterfalls. The most important waterfalls are Tarishum, Kusham, Masuleh Rudkhan and Larcheshmeh.



Masuleh Rudkhan
  1. Countryside of Masuleh

You need to 3 or 4 hours mountaineering to reach the countryside of Masuleh. When you see the countryside, you feel as if it is a painting.

  1. Summits

There are summits here suitable for mountaineering. Names of summits of Masuleh are Tarisum and Shah Moallem.

  1. Rivers

You enjoy seeing rivers and hearing sounds of water. Important rivers of Masuleh are Siavrud and Palangdar.

  1. Buzkhaneh Cave
  2. Springs

Springs of Masuleh are good sources for preparing mineral water in Iran. Zemzemeh and Alizakhuni are springs of Masuleh.

  1. Mosques
  2. Caravanserais

Because of important situation of Masuleh in trade ways, some caravanserais were established here like Hajifeiz and Mirza.

  1. Old Masuleh
  2. Way to Masuleh

On the way to Masuleh, you can see green jungles around yourself. It will be joyful for you.


For staying here, you can stay in hotels, rent houses and suites. You can travel there in any season.

How to Get There?

First, travel to Fuman city and follow the way of Masuleh from there.

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Masuleh village

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