Local Costume of Women of The Kurds in Kurdistan


dorna has already introduced local costume of all Kurdish people of Iran and now it is going to introduce local costume of Kurdish women.

Unlike Kurdish men that had similar clothes, Kurdish women have different clothes based on their provinces.

In the following lines, myDorna will talk about Local Costume of Kurdish Women living in Kurdistan Province.

Kafsh (shoes)

The shoes of these people are made of leather and decorated by silk thread.

Shalvar (pants)

The upper part of their pants are looser than the bottom. Mostly, these women stitch a piece of fabric on their ankle.

Zirpoosh (cloth worn under the shirt don`t consider it as bra)

The height of this cloth is from the women`s shoulder to their ankle. On the middle of that, some sequins are sewn. Also, the sleeves of the cloth are closed but at the time of traditional dancing and other ceremonies, they are opened to work as a tool for dancing. Zirpoosh is made of silk.

Jelitghe (jerkin)

The women`s jerkin is made of silk and by sequin and etc., it is decorated.


Ghaba is a piece of cloth so similar to shirt, but it has some pockets at the bottom. Ghaba is made of flowery fabric.



Yal which can be considered as coat, is sometimes put on by Kurdish women of Kurdistan province.

Dastmal (napkin)

This piece of cloth is mainly used to decorate the women`s wearing and most of the time, it is placed on the shoulders or elbow.


Ammame which is a sort of local hat, has two parts for these women; one a small hat decorated by some sequins and two, a black fabric around their head.

Roosari (scarf)

Scarfs used by Kurdish women of Kurdistan province are mainly hairnet.


Sarband is so similar to Ammame, but it is depended on the women how to wear it.

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