Lashkar Abad, Ahvaz; Eat As Much As You Can

Lashkar Abad, Ahvaz; Eat As Much As You can


Lashkar Abad, Ahvaz; Eat As Much As You can

Ahvaz is the central city of Khuzestan province in Iran which is home to some ethnic groups such as Lurs, Bakhtiaris, Arabs and so on.

In this city, there is a street in which no car is going and coming. In fact, the street is the most delicious street in Iran since there are lots of dellies that the main dish they are offering is Falafel.

Yes, Falafel. This street is called Lashkar Abad and if you want to find out more about this place, keep on reading so that myDorna will make you familiar with it.

Why Lashkar Abad?

As we said, Lashkar Abad is the most delicious street of Iran because you cannot find any other place having variety of foods with low prices.

In recent years, Lashkar Abad has become so familiar among Iranians that it is necessary for every passenger, if traveled to Ahvaz, to visit there and eat as much as he/she can.

What Does Lashkar Abad Have?

In Lashkar Abad, the main thing which can be found is Falafel. Apart from Falafel, other things which are found in Lashkar Abad are, hamburger, cooked meat, different types of salad, different types of sauces, different types of drinks and different types of sweets.

What To Do in Lashkar Abad?

The only thing that you are supposed to do in Lashkar Abad is eating. So eat food and sandwiches as much as you can, but take care of the money that you have to pay at the end; even though, the prices are not that much high.

By the way, we forgot to say that Lashkar Abad is a self-service street which means that everybody can eat whatever he/she wants and pay for it at the end.

So, enjoy eating Falafel in Lashkar Abad.

How to Get There?

Lashkar Abad is almost on the way of every car in Ahvaz. So simply you have to say Lashkar so that the taxi drivers would take you there. Also, buses go there, but you have to wait more to catch one.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan province, Ahvaz, Lashkar Abad street

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