Kish Island`s Historical Cistern

Kish Island Historical Cistern


Kish Island`s Historical Cistern

History of Cistern

This place is a tourist attraction located in the northern part of Kish island. It was built in 1994 near historical cistern for collecting surface waters.


This cistern is consisted of 2 domes and 5 funnels. Its architecture is the same with classical architecture of Yazd. Funnels were used for cooling inside the cistern. There are small holes on the funnels for balancing the air. There are also some small holes on domes that are working like an air fan. Unfortunately, there is no water in this cistern a lot. Since Iran has a dry weather, people decided to build a cistern for saving water in the past, but today with the development of technology, humans use some systems for saving water and cisterns have lost their significance.

Location of the Cistern

This place is located near Harireh Ancient City which is a collection of Green Trees, so tourists can visit these two sites.

How to Get There?

You can get there by taxi, car or and bus.

Address: Iran, Hormozgan province, Northern Part of Kish Island, Near Harrieh City

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