Kish Greek Ship; A Mystery Surfing On Water

Kish Greek Ship; A Mystery Surfing On Water


Greek Ship, Kish

Greek ship is one of the tourist attractions of Kish island placed in the southwestern part of the island, near Jahan street. If you traveled to the Kish, never lose this place.


This ship was spotted by residents near the beach that had ran a ground. The reason of is not clear but it is said that because of the fog and lack of lighthouse near the sea, the ship sank. It was built in 1943 by the British shipyard of William Hamilton and Company in Port Glasgow, Scotland, under the name Empire Trumpet. From 1946 to 1966, it passed through a series of British and Iranian owners and various changes of name. Her final owners were Greek, and the nickname given to it derives from them.

After ran a ground, endeavors of servants of the ship had no conclusion and they abandoned the ship. Information show that this ship was for Greeks at when it ran a ground and was for Khoula  F.

Antiquity of the Ship

Antiquity of the ship is not important and from the past up to now, waves have rotted it.

Greek Ship and Watching Sunset

Watching the nature of sunset behind the ship will give you an amazing landscape. Different spectrum lights of the sun (red, orange, purple, and …..) make a special nature you will see anywhere like it.

Sea Park of Greek Ship

Sea park of Greek ship is consisted of Iranian and Lebanese restaurants, amphitheater, cafe, stores for selling sport’s equipment, and stations of borrowing skate and bicycle.

Attention: Best time for watching landscape of Greek ship is an hour before sunset, days after raining or days when wind blows and weather is not wet.

How To Get There?

After travelling to Kish island, the Greek Ship is easily accessible.

 Address: Iran, Kish island,  south-western part of island

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