Bazman Mountain; Volcanic and Intact

Bazman Mountain; Volcanic and Intact


Bazman Mountain; Volcanic and Intact

Since Sistan & Balouchestan province in Iran is mostly covered with desert and its weather is dry, almost all of the tourist attractions of this province are related to deserts and mountains.

In Sistan & Balouchestan, there are some volcanic mountains like Taftan and Bazman that about the latter we are going to discuss in the following lines.

About Bazman Mountain and Bazman City

One of the most ancient cities of Sistan & Balouchestan province is called Bazman that according to sayings, the antiquity only one part of that is more than 110 years.

Close to this city, there is a semi active volcanic mountain that its name is derived from the name of the city.

The region in this place is home to different types of animals, birds, plants and herbal medicines.

Animals like tiger, gazelle, goat and ram live here in harmony with birds like Quebec and thehio (pheasant-like creature).

Different trees and amaryllis flowers can be found in the surrounding area of Bazman Mountain.

The most important product of this city and its mountain is date. There is a special kind of date growing here which cannot be found in other date-growing provinces like Khuzestan.

Religion of People in Bazman City

While most of the people in Sistan & Balouchestan province are Sunnis, the people of Bazman city are Shia.

How to Get There?

Bazman Mountain is 40 kilometers away from Bazman city, so if you want to go there, you have to firstly get to the city of Iranshahr and then go to Bazman city.

Address: Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan province, 40 kilometers to Bazman city, Bazman semi active volcanic mountain

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