Babak Fort; The Mystery of Khorramdins` Defending

Babak Fort; The Mystery of Khorramdins` Defending


Babak Fort; The Mystery of Khorramdins` Defending

Babak fort or immortal fort of Khorramdins, was a fort used for invasion and defense against Abbasid caliphs for more than 20 years. This fort had Impassable way to reach and it was a positive point for Khorramdins to defend against Abbasid soldiers. Because of Circumstance of the fort, a few men in it could exterminate thousands of men.

Babak Khorramdin

Babak Khorramdin was one of the heroes of Iran who fought against Abbasid Caliphs from Azerbaijan. He was fighting against Caliphs for more than 20 years. Reputation of Khorramdins was established so that some countries like India, Arabic countries and Roman Empire used Khorramdin as an exaggeration in their heroic fictions.

Finally, Babak Khorramdin was captivated because of treason of Afshin and was killed by al-Muʿtasim very horrendously.

History of the Fort

This place is a defending fort and it seems that it was built in Sassanid or Parthian era which was the same era during which Takht-e Soleyman was built.

Materials that are used in this place are the same materials used in places been built during Sassanid era. Also, seemingly, these kinds of places were repaired and changed during the time.

Location of the Fort

It is placed 50 kilometers away from Ahar city in northern part and in a region known as Kalibar, on mountains with 2300 or 2700 meters above the sea. There are deep valleys around the fort with depth of 400 or 600 meters and there is only one way to this castle.

Distance from this corridor to the castle is 200 meters. The only way for entering the castle is just going through the gate and there is no way and no possibility to enter from the other side.

In the base of this fort, there are 4 towers for sentinels. Main part of fort has 3 floors that is after entering. After that, there is a hall surrounded by 7 rooms. In the eastern part of the fort, there are some constructions like cisterns and rooms. In the northwestern part of the fort, there are stairs which have been destroyed during the time.

About the things in this castle, there are some dishes remained from 800 years ago and some Copernic coins which are not eligible read because of rust.

Situation of the Fort

It’s no exaggeration if we say because of the situation of the fort, only 20 men could fight against 100 thousand soldiers without getting injured. This place was recorded as a national works in 1966.

How to Get There?

Way of Kalibar to the castle is just only 3 kilometers but it’s so hard to access and when you are following the way to castle, you should pass very dangerous defile. Be careful a lot. Before reaching the castle, you should crosscorridor that just one person can cross (not even two or more than one person).

Address: Iran, East Azerbaijan province, 50 kilometers away on northern part of Ahar city, 3 kilometers away on southwestern of Kalibar city

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