Abali; Ski Resort of Tehran

Abali; Ski Resort of Tehran


Abali; Ski Resort of Tehran

Abali is the name of one of the cities of Tehran province. This city is in Rudehen district of Damavand county. This city was established by permission of parliament of Iran in 2005.

Some features like good weather, religious place, warm water and etc. have made here special.

This city has small towns and villages. It also has some mineral rivers used for producing mineral water and dough. One of the doughs in Iran is Abali Dough and the name of that is related to this region.

Abali Ski Resort

Near this city, there is a mountain across the road to Haraz. Snows of this mountain melt very slowly, but even in summer it has snow on its summit. This part from the first day of January until the last day of March is a good place for skiing. Abali Ski Resort also has tele cabin. Near the resort, there is a huge parking for vehicles. There are some classes for training ski for people of different ages and some parts for selling ski tools.

Higher part of this resort is 2650 and lower part is 2400 meters above the sea. This resort has 6 restaurants and a hotel.

Latyan dam, Abmorad waterfall and Kamard waterfall are near this resort.

How to Get There?

This resort is placed near Haraz road, 45 kilometers away Tehran city. From eastern part of Tehran city, there are 2 main ways for reaching this place. These 2 ways are Firuzkuh and Haraz roads which lead you to Ghaemshahr and Amol. You should enter Abali road by Afsarieh, Hemmat, Babae and Damavand buses. After passing 40 kilometers and passing Jajrud and Pardis, you will reach Bumahen city. Enter Amol city and after passing 15 kilometers and passing Rudehen and Abali cities, you will reach the resort.

Address: Iran, Tehran Province, Abali city, Abali resort.

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