Jahan Nama Village, Jewelry of Golestan

Jahan Nama Village, Jewelry of Golestan


Jahan Nama Village, Jewelry of Golestan

Jahan Nama is a village located near Golestan province between protected area with this name. This village is situated in a plain surrounded by Alborz mountains or jungles dating back to million years ago. Vastness of protected area of Jahan Nama is 31746 square meters. This region is one of the parts of Iran suitable for tigers to live. In the past, kind of tigers lived here but they are extinct now.


1. Historical site

On the way to village, after passing Radkan village, you will see a place on the hill. This place is a tower or dome of Radkan. In the past, it was used as leading way for passengers, but now, it is used as monument. Based on inscriptions, construction started from the year of 1017 and finished in 1021.

2. Walking and Photography

 No need to explain about photography, but if you like walking around, it could be an unforgettable experience.

3. Rivers and Springs

Jahan Nama can’t be described in 500 words. There are different rivers and springs near here that you must go to understand what we are saying.

4. Mountains, Valleys and Jungles

Mountaineering for mountaineers and visiting valleys with jungles are must-to-go places. Never miss the opportunities.


  1. In most of the parts, you should pass dirt road. We offer you to have an off-road car.
  2. Never forget to take bottles of water because on the way you may not find water for drink.
  3. Move with full tank because there is no gas station near here.
  4. Hotels near the village are the last places you can buy foods or drinkable water.
  5. Best seasons for traveling are spring and summer.
  6. For staying, you can rent an ethnic home or you can pitch a tent. If you want to set up a tent, please do that near the houses because in other parts, wild animals may attack you.

How to Get There?

You can get there from Kordkuy city in Golestan. Find Municipality Square and follow the way to Drazno Village. After Drazno Village, you will see Radkan Tower and after passing Radkan, you will find the sign of Jahan Nama.

If you want to reach there from Damghan, follow the way of Cheshmeh Ali. You will reach Dibaj and Chaman Saru. Continue the way until getting to Jahan Nama.

Address: Iran, Golestan Province, Jahan Nama Village or Protected Area

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