El Goli; A Place for Being Together

El Goli; A Place for Being Together


El Goli; A Place for Being Together

El Goli is a name of garden in Tabriz city. The garden has been created because of a pool near it that was used for watering. El Goli is a symbol in Tabriz city located near Saat Tower.

Another name of the garden is Shah Goli. If you are a tourist, you can also visit Tabriz Bazaar, Saat or Clock Tower and tomb of Shahryar which are near to El Goli.

Features of El Goli

Shah Goli means pool of a king. The pool was built in Aq-Qoyunlu dominance and was established in Safavid era. Before dominance of Safavid kings, this pool was the biggest place for watering. At first, the pool was covered with mud, but Safavid monarchs removed them and tiled around the pool. Qajar kings built some ways to the pool and today existence of trees have made the environment more beautiful. In winter, water of pool freezes and gives a special view to it. The most beautiful landscape is colorful plants around the pool.

El Goli Palace

There is a palace between the poll named as El Goli palace. Today, this palace is used as a restaurant.

The palace was built with clay before and after its destruction, one of the grandsons of Abbas Mirza rebuilt it. You can also sail boats in this pool.

Facilities in El Goli

This garden is a place for having fun with different facilities. There are several restaurants near external entrances of the park. There are also hotels around the park with different facilities. In the park, there is a zoo with name of El Goli.

How to Get There?

The garden is near to Bakeri Blvd near central part of Tabriz city. Get to Bakeri Blvd and you will find it. You can get there by any vehicle.

Address: Iran, East Azerbaijan ProvinceTabriz City, Bakeri Blvd, El Goli Garden

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